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Golden Ball

A firm-textured, golden fleshed turnip that is literally a golden oldie that qualifies for heritage status.
An old-fashioned turnip varietyTurnip var. Golden Ball

Price: £1.50

Literally, Golden Ball turnip is a golden oldie that qualifies for heritage status.

The roots have an appealing yellow flesh with a lovely firm texture that lies somewhere between that of a turnip and swede. For an autumn treat, sow seeds from mid-July to mid-August. Golden Ball is quicker growing than a swede, though slower to bulk up than the modern turnip hybrids, like Tokyo Cross, which we also sell. Start harvesting when the roots are about 7 to 8cm in diameter, though don’t let them get too big. Golden Ball is fairly hardy and will stand at least to December – or even longer if the weather holds up.

Approx number of seed per pack: 300

A heritage variety