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Ovi's Romanian Giant

A extra large, good flavoured beefsteak tomato from Romanian.

Fruit type: beefsteak

Ovi's Romanian Giant tomatoOvi's Romanian Giant

Price: £2.00

Solanum lycopersicum

This tomato is exactly what it says on the label: it comes from a village in Romania and was given to us by our good friend Ovi Rominger. It’s an extra large beefsteak type with some of the biggest fruit we’ve ever seen – they regularly exceed 1kg and in one case tipped the scale at 1.7kg. The eating quality is superb – the fruit not only taste great, but the texture is smooth and buttery.

The only downside is that the fruit are prone to cat facing, an affliction often found in heritage beefsteak tomatoes. But don’t let its presence put you off: cat facing occurs on the blossom end, and once it’s cut out, the fruit are perfectly good to eat.

The plants have good vigour and continue to produce fruit well into the autumn.


Approx number of seed per pack: 20



Think you can grow a heavy tomato?

Every year Sea Spring Seeds runs a growing competition for vegetable gardeners. This year it is to see who can grow the heaviest tomato.

To enter simply put your prize winning tomato on digital kitchen scales that measure to the nearest gram. Take a photo of it and send the photo to us by email or by post, with the tomato’s weight, the variety name and your name and and contact details.

The winner will received a £20 voucher to be spent on our website to buy seeds. For more details see:http://www.seaspringseeds.co.uk/news-and-events/chilli-growing-competitions/heaviest-tomato

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