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Speckled Roman

An exceptional cooking tomato with striped yellow and red, thick fleshed fruit.

Indeterminate. Fruit type: large plum

Tomato plant var. Speckled RomanTomato plant var. Speckled Roman

Price: £2.20

Solanum lycopersicum

An exceptional cooking tomato with an almost rectangular shape, typically measuring about 50 x 95mm and weighing, on average, 140g each. The fruit are striped yellow and red, but this is only skin deep as the rest of the fruit is red throughout. The skin is tender, and the thick, good tasting flesh has a high dry matter content and few seeds.

The fruit make great sauces and are superb either fried or roasted; and unlike most cooking tomatoes, this variety is also good enough to eat raw on sandwiches and in salads. An American heirloom that should be given full British citizenship.


Approximate number of seed per pack: 15

Growth habit: indeterminate (aka cordon)


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