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An unconventional sweet pepper that produces bold, round fruit with an exceptional flesh – sweet, meaty and about 8mm thick.
Sweet pepper var. OntaraOntara sweet pepper

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Capsicum annuum

An unconventional sweet pepper that hails from Eastern Europe, The fruit have an unusual tomato shape that varies from slightly flattened to slightly oval, and are decently-sized measuring around 50mm in diameter. They mature from an unorthodox creamy white to a more mainstream deep red; but what makes this variety truly exceptional is its flesh; it is very sweet, juicy and uncommonly meaty, and about 8mm thick – the thickest we've ever seen in a pepper. Stuffed and roasted, added to a salad, cut into slices as an hor d'oeuvre or for dips, or simply used in cooking this pepper is stands out as being extra-ordinary.

The unnaturally short plants (they reach a mere 40cm) aren't top heavy, which means they are perfect for growing in containers.

Our verdict on Ontara: unconventional, yes; desirable, definitely.

Approximate number of seed per pack: 15

 Sweet pepper var Ontara has very thick flesh

Ontara peppers have an extremely thick flesh that is sweet, crunchy and juicy.