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Lightweight, quality bypass pruners suitable for both amateur and professional gardeners. The secateurs for every day use and harvesting tough-stemmed vegetables.
Secateurs (bypass pruners) cutting a winter squash stalkSecateurs (bypass pruners) cutting a winter squash stalk

Price: £10.99

Ladies Professional Bypass pruners from Darlac.

"Best in Test" (Garden Answers  magazine)

If you only buy one type of secateur this should be the one you get. Although they are called "ladies" pruners, the cut capacity of these secateurs is 16mm, which is only 4mm less than the full sized pruners supplied by Darlac, and we find the slightly smaller size fits snugly into everyone's hand. The handles are non-slip; the blade is made of high carbon steel coated to reduce friction and help prevent rusting.

We find these secateurs incredibly useful, they are ideal for every day use on our nursery; and they are the go-to tool for harvesting vegetables with tough stalks, like sweet peppers, beefsteak tomatoes, winter squash, etc. Their small size also make them excellent for fine pruning and for reaching into small gaps such as pruning side stems flushed with the mainstem.

In our experience, there is no point buying very cheap or very expensive secateurs. Cheap secateurs don't do an adequate job, which is immensely frustrating; and there is little advantage buying an expensive one as all secateurs eventually end their life by being accidentally left on the compost heap or abandoned in long grass after a job. Medium-priced secateurs, such as these, have the quality to do the job just as well as the high-value types but it is not the end of the world when one eventually gets lost.

Weight: 146g
Overall Length: 175mm
Cut Capacity: 16mm


Bypass secateurs/pruners

Bypass secateurs have a single sharpened blade, which passes against a curved metal surface in a similar cutting action to scissor blades. If the blade is sharp  – and it is easily sharpened – these secateurs will give a clean cut with little effort.

Bypass secateurs are ideal for precision pruning, and this particular model is well balanced, versatile and strong. However, they should not be used to cut through stems thicker than 16mm, the recommended cutting diameter. To prune thicker branches it is better to use larger pruners, loppers or a pruning saw.