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jiffy-7 pellets

Ten compressed pellets that expand to 41x42mm compost plugs for raising seedlings.
Jiffy-7 pellets, compressed and expandedJiffy-7 pellets – compressed as you buy them and expanded

Price: £1.00

Made from 70% sphagnum peat and 30% coir, these jiffy-7 pellets also have added lime and a low ammonia fertiliser, and are wrapped in a fine netting to hold in a descrete unit. The pellets are supplied dry and very compressed, which when soaked in water expand to their full usable size.

Jiffy-7 pellets come in several sizes, but the ones we sell are 38mm when dry, and 41mm x 42 when fully expanded.

When sowing into pellets give the expanded pellet a little squeeze to introduce a little air into the compost and improve drainage. We have found that germination in pellets can be slightly lower than in a seed sown into a seed tray. However, on the plus side the seedlings do not have to be pricked out so there is no check in their growth from transplant shock; and where space in heated environments is limited the pellets are very good for raising very nice little plants right up to the potting up stage.

Ten pellets for £1.00.


 Young Dorset Naga plug plantsDorset Naga plug plantsDorset Naga plug plant

Young Dorset Naga plants in jiffy-7 pellets and the same plants two weeks later.