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Cane caps - small

Plastic cane caps that go on bamboo canes to keep your eyes safe from a nasty accident.

10 caps in a pack

Price: £2.00

Bamboo canes are very useful in the garden providing support all sorts of plants. But where there are canes there is also the risk of an accident; imagine bending down without noticing a cane is there and scratching your face, or worse, damaging your eye by sticking the cane right into it.

So put a cap on it! These cane caps are made of soft rubber, and fit snuggly on the top of small diameter bamboo canes. With a cap on each cane everyone playing or working in the garden is protected from hurting themselves. The caps are green and so are discreet and unobtrusive in the garden.

The caps will give over canes up to 10 in diameter.

Each pack contains 10 caps.


We also sell rubber cane caps to fit over larger bamboo canes.