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Brightly coloured, patty pan shaped fruit that can be harvested a baby fruit or allowed to grow larger for stuffing.
Courgette var. Sunburst has a scallop shapeCourgette var. Sunburst

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Cucurbita pepo

Hybrid. The brightly coloured fruit are shaped like a top and have undulating or "scalloped" edges. They are sometimes called summer squash, and have the same taste and texture of all courgettes.

Sometimes called patty pan or scallopini squash, Sunburst can be harvested at different sizes, depending on their intended use in the kitchen: for ‘baby’ fruit, harvest them when they are 4.0 to 4.5cm in diameter; for general eating, 5 to 6cm in diameter; and for stuffing, about 7 to 8cm in diameter. A truly versatile vegetable, Sunburst has something for everyone.

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Number of seeds per pack: 5