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Hungarian Hot Wax

An easy-to-grow, early maturing chilli that is both good flavoured and productive.

Approximate heat level: 6,000 SHU

Price: £2.00

Capsicum annuum

The fruit of this vegetable type chilli start yellow, then turn orange before ripening to a red. They have a medium-thick flesh and measure about 3–4cm wide and 13–14cm long. The heat level can be rather variable, but is generally not overwhelmingly high.

The variety is early, productive and dependable. Though we don't recommend growing chillies outdoors, this is one of the varieties to try if you absolutely insist on having a go. The medium-sized plants do well in containers as long as they are given some support.

In the kitchen this chilli is an all-round, jack-of-all-trades that can be stuffed, fried or added to salads. Hungarian Hot Wax is a user-friendly and versatile chilli, and if we grew only one chilli variety, this would be the one.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 20

RHS Award of Garden Merit

We also sell plug plants of this variety: see www.seaspringplants.co.uk