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An excessively short plant with extraordinarily wide, drooping branches, giving the distinct impression of an umbrella.

Approximate heat level: 73,000 SHU
Spice chilli var. UmbrellaChilli var. Umbrella

Price: £2.20

Capsicum annuum

An off-piste chilli variety producing excessively short plants with extraordinarily wide, drooping tops. They grow a mere 14 to 15cm tall and a whopping 55cm wide, giving the distinct impression of an umbrella. The small, elongated fruit measure 6 x 40mm and hang down from the plant like botanical versions of Sophie Grigson’s earrings. They ripen from green to red and produce decent levels of heat. Though late to mature, the novelty value alone makes Umbrella worth growing.

Number of seeds per pack: 20

A Sea Spring Seeds variety