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The World's Hottest Chillies

The 'superhots' are habanero (Capsicum chinense) chillies that measure over 500,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), and given the right environment, some varieties are capable of reaching a million SHU or more. The heat levels we quote are from tests we've had done on the whole crop, not an individual fruit that gave the highest result.

All superhot chillies must be treated with great care and respect. We have three rules: never dare, never bet and NEVER trick someone into eating a superhot chilli.

We also sell plug plants, see www.seaspringplants.co.uk

Note: Superhot chilies are generally hard to germinate. For information on growing chillies click here

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Superhot chillies (incl. Dorset Naga)

All superhot chillies

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One pack each of the four superhot chilli varieties.

Price: £15.00

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Bengle Naga

A prolific superhot chilli producing pale green, almost white, fruit that ripen red and have a fruity, "bubbble-gum" flavour.

Approximate heat level: up to 923,000 SHU

Price: £5.00

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Dorset Naga

One of the hottest chillies in the world, with a wonderful compelling aromatic flavour. Productive, versatile plants.

Approximate heat level: up to 1,221,000 SHU

Price: £6.00

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Fire by name, and fire by nature...need we say more?

Approximate Heat level: 572,000 SHU

Price: £4.00

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Moruga Scorpion

A legendary superhot that lives up to its reputation.

Approximate heat level: up to 1,120,000 SHU

Price: £5.00

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