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All superhot chillies

Save £5.00

One pack each of the four superhot chilli varieties.

Superhot chillies: Fire, Dorset Naga, Red Zinger and Bengle NagaSuperhot chillies

Price: £15.00

Save £5.00

The 'superhots' are habanero chillies that measure over 500,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), and given the right environment, are capable of reaching a million SHU or more. The superhots we sell are all exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds.

One pack each of:

  • Fire (572,000 SHU): 10 seeds
  • Bengle Naga (up to 923,000 SHU): 10 seeds
  • Moruga Scorpion (1,120,000): 20 seeds
  • Dorset Naga (up to 1,221,000 SHU): 20 seeds

Please note:

These chillies must be treated with great care and respect. We have three rules: never dare, never bet and NEVER trick someone into eating a superhot chilli.