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Purple Haze

An extremely attractive, very hot cayenne chilli producing eye-catchingly dark lilac fruit.

Approximate heat level: 75,000 SHU
Purple HazeChilli var. Purple Haze

Price: £2.00

Capsicum annuum

An attractive cayenne chilli with elongated (75mm) fruit that start a stunning dark lilac then turn to a purple-tinged red as they mature. The shrubby, sprawling plants have an open growth habit and are further decorated with purple stems and flowers. They are well-adapted to growing both in the ground and large pots. The fruit are hot, and all things considered, this is a variety we’re sure Jimi would have liked.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 20

A Sea Spring Seeds variety

We also sell plug plants of this chilli: see www.seaspringplants.co.uk