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An attractive cayenne chilli giving good yields of elongated, bright orange fruit on tidy bushy plants.

Approximate heat level: 27,000 SHU
Kilian Cayenne chilliesChilli var. Kilian Cayenne

Price: £2.20

Capsicum annuum

A standard cayenne-type chilli perfect for Indian cooking. The thin, pointed fruit are about 80mm long and and only 9mm wide. They start green and ripen to a beautiful, eye-catching orange. At the ripe stage the fruit are a high medium heat, making then usable for almost anyone in the kitchen.

The plants are bushy, reaching a height of about 60cm, and are perfectly manageable in medium to large pots. The plants are very productive, and as the bright orange fruit cascade downwards the mature plants look extremely attractive.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 15


Other cayenne chillies that we sell include Kristian (ripens to a yellow) and Pencil Cayenne (ripens to a red).