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Kala Morich

Kala Morich (aka Black Chilli) produces tall, dark, handsome plants with purple leaves and stems, and fruit are coloured black ripening to red.

Approximate heat level: 85,000 SHU
Kala Morich chilliesChilli var. Kala Morich

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Capsicum annuum

Kala Morich, also aptly-named ‘Black Chilli’, is occasionally found in Bangladeshi gardens in Britain. It produces tall, dark and handsome plants whose leaves and stems are coloured purple. The plants also produce purple flowers that evolve into dark purple (almost black), cone-shaped fruit, which turn red when mature. The fruit grow upright on the plant and measure about 8 x 35mm. Though late to mature, they more than make up for their tardiness by being very hot – they measure about 85,000 SHU. The plants can be over a meter high, but are nevertheless quite tidy and well-adapted to growing in larger pots.

British Ethnic

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 20