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An Indian chilli that is traditionally used dried.

Heat level: very mild
Chilli var. KashmiriChilli var. Kashmiri

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Capsicum annuum

An Indian chilli that is traditionally used dried.

Kashmiri chillies are thin fleshed, wrinkled and very mild, and not recommended of eating fresh. They start green and ripen to a deep attractive red, that, when dried and ground into a powder, will impart a lovely colour to any dish.

The plants are late maturing, tall – so will need support – and not highly productive. Based on the previous sentence, this is not variety we recommend growing if you only have space for one or two chilli plants. However, this is the authentic chilli mentioned in so many Indian cookbooks. So if you have plenty of space and/or you are really interested in Indian cooking, then it is one to try.

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Approximate number of seed per pack: 15