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A beautiful, flavourful, mild habanero chilli

Approximate heat level: mild to very mild
Habanada, a sweet, flavourful, mild habanero chilliHabanada mild habanero

Price: £2.20

Capsicum chinense

 A habanero chilli that is mild but not heatless. Plants do vary, and some seem to produce hotter fruit than others, but even then, heat levels are still mild to very mild!

Young fruit are a pale green, and as they ripen they change to a lovely pastel yellow, and finally mature to a bright Halloween orange. Fruit can grow quite large – sometimes up to 8cm long – and the flesh is thin but juicy. As expected from a habanero, the flavour is sublime, and because there is so little heat, it can be fully appreciated without your mouth spitting fire. To add to Habanada’s qualities, the plants behave themselves, growing a reasonable 80cm wide and a diminutive 45cm tall.

Mild, flavourful habaneros are one of our specialties, and Habanada complements the others we already sell – Apricot, Bellaforma, Biquinho Yellow, Biquinho Red and Green Trinidad.


Approximate number of seed per pack: 15