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Chilli Growing Kit : NuMex Twilight

Raise three plants of NuMex Twilight – an outstandingly beautiful chilli with fruit that start purple, then turn yellow, orange and finally red.

Approximate heat level: 30,000 SHU
NuMex Twilght chilli plant  makes a wonderful edible ornamental houseplantNuMex Twilight chili plant

Price: £9.99

Chilli growing kit for growing three plants of NuMex Twilight

NuMex Twilight is an outstandingly beautiful chilli with upright, cone-shaped fruit that measure 10 x 25mm. The fruit start purple, then change to yellow, orange and eventually red as they ripen. Since new chillies are continuously being produced, the plants display fruit at all stages of ripeness, creating a vibrant mix of colours. The fruit are hot and thin-fleshed, and can be dried or frozen for winter stews and curries.

The chillies are hot.

Each kit contains the seed and equipement for growing three chilli plants:
- A pack of chilli seeds (20 seeds)
- Seed tray
- High dome lid for the seed tray
- Seeding compost for the seed tray
- Bottle top waterer for watering the seedlings
- Three 1 litre pots
- Labels for the pots
- Detailed instructions for growing your chilli plants

*The only thing that you will have to buy is a small bag of multipurpose compost for potting on.

 Chilli growing kit

Chillies are difficult to germinate so the kit provides 20 seeds to be sure you get at least three seedlings for potting on. The kit supplies three pots for potting on three individual seedlings. If you have good germination and more than three seedlings develop, the extra seedlings can be potted on if you buy more pots.