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The perfect present for anyone who likes to cook with chillies

These chilli growing kits provide all the kit* for growing three beautiful chilli plants that can be raised as edible houseplants. They are specifically for people who like to cook with chillies, but are not experienced chilli growers. The plants will look fantastic on a windowsill, or in the conservatory or sunny porch or anywhere in the house that gets plenty of sunshine. As well as looking beautiful, the chilli plants will provide masses of fruit – ready for picking and cooking with whenever needed. It means no more buying chillies from the supermarket, using a few, then letting the rest going to waste!

Each kit contains the seed and equipement for growing three chilli plants:
- A pack of chilli seeds (up to 20 seeds, depending on the variety you choose)
- Seed tray
- High dome lid for the seed tray
- Seeding compost for the seed tray
- Bottle top waterer for watering the seedlings
- Three 1 litre pots
- Labels for the pots
- Detailed instructions for growing your chilli plants

* The only thing that you will have to buy is a small bag of multipurpose compost for potting on.

 Chilli Growing Kit – the perfect present for any chilli lover



Note: the chilli growing kits are not designed for experienced chilli growers – presumably these people will already have all the necessary kit for growing chillies.




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Chilli Growing Kit : NuMex Twilight

Raise three plants of NuMex Twilight – an outstandingly beautiful chilli with fruit that start purple, then turn yellow, orange and finally red.

Approximate heat level: 30,000 SHU

Price: £9.99

Product details

Chilli Growing Kit: Apache

A bushy, dependable chilli that is both very hot and productive. Approximate heat level: 45,000–65,000 SHU (not tested by Sea Spring Seeds)

Price: £9.99

Product details

Chilli Growing Kit: Cayennetta

A bushy, dependable chilli that produces plenty of medium heat fruit.

Approximate heat level: 20,000 (not tested by Sea Spring Seeds)

Price: £9.99

Product details

Chilli Growing Kit: Kilian

An attractive cayenne chilli giving good yields of elongated, bright orange fruit on tidy bushy plants

Approximate heat level: 27,000 SHU

Price: £9.99

Product details