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Chantenay Royal

A bold, easy-to-grow carrot that produces uniform, wedge-shaped roots with strong tops.
Hand-held bunch of carrots just pulled from the soilCarrot var. Chantenay Royal

Price: £1.50

Daucus carota

Chantenay-type carrot that produces medium length, wedge-shaped roots with strong tops. Grows well in most soils, even if they are shallow or heavy textured, and are suitable for growing in containers. Can be sown at high populations to produce baby carrots, and at lower populations to produce larger, more standard-sized roots.

Sow from April to mid-July outdoors. To protect from carrot root fly, delay sowing until early June, or use a fleece, mesh or other barrier to keep the flies at bay.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 1,000