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An adaptable variety that does just as well as an overwintered spring green and as a quality summer cabbage.
Pyramid cabbageCabbage var. Pyramid

Price: £2.50

Brassica oleracea, subsp. capitata

Hybrid. Pyramid is an adaptable variety that suits most occasions. It produces pointed solid heads that can be harvested in the spring (from over-wintered plants grown outdoors) and the summer (from spring sown plants). Additionally, the younger plants can be harvested as greens, before the heads fully develop.

We haven’t trialled it overwinter undercover (polytunnel, greenhouse or coldframe) yet, but will be doing so in 2015-16 – watch this space for updates.

So far, Pyramid has proven to be a real work horse that truly represents value for money. What more can a cabbage give?

AGM awarded for both spring and summer heading cabbage.

Approximate number of seed per pack: 65