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Aubergines are a summer vegetable that can be a challenge to grow in the unpredictable British climate. They are better off in the cloistered environment of a tunnel or greenhouse, though they might produce a decent crop outdoors if the garden is in a sheltered spot in southern Britain. The plants will grow well in either the ground or large pots – those ranging in size from 7.5 to 15 litres will do. However they are grown, the plants need some support to keep them from falling over, and tying them to a tripod of bamboo canes is ideal.

For indoor crops, start seeds about the beginning of March for transplanting at the beginning of May. Outdoor crops can be both sown and transplanted about a month later than those going indoors. For more growing information go to "Growing Information" or  click here.

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Aubergine seeds


A high yielding variety producing attractive, dark purple fruit.

Price: £2.00

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Emerald Isle

Highly productive variety yielding small, oval fruit that are attractively coloured in shades of green.

Price: £2.50

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Small, egg-shaped fruit that are attractively streaked with purple and white.

Price: £2.50

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