Open day

Chillies at Sea Spirng Farm

Open Day at Sea Spring Farm


Date to be set

10:30am - 4:00pm

Entry Free

Everyone welcome


We have eleven polytunnels and fifteen greenhouses of various sizes, and an outdoor field.  In August we will have many chillies growing – seed crops, variety trials, demonstration plants, fresh chili crops and 1000s of potted ornamental plants – as well as a wide range of other vegetables as demonstration crops or in variety trials.

We are a small nursery so a tour around our crops will not take all day, but a neighbouring farm also has their open day on the same day, and we are just a quarter of a mile from the sea! Besides, West Dorset is a beautiful place to visit. So come, visit and make a day – or even a weekend of of it – and enjoy!


Sea Spring Farm

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