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July 2012


Dear Fellow Gardeners,

Yes, it is wet...


July gardening jobs

There is still plenty of time to sow crops for late summer and autumn harvesting. Leafy vegetables, some herbs and the faster-growing root vegetables are worthwhile candidates for sowing in July, while dwarf French beans and courgettes, though a bit risky, could be tried in the warmer parts of the country. For more details click here.

lettuce var. Chatsworth beetroot var. Forono French Beans

Crops that can be sown in July: lettuces, beetroot and French beans.


The sex life of cucumbers

Ah, cucumbers. What would summertime be without their smooth white flesh, moist crunchiness and seductively subtle taste? There simply is no substitute, whether eaten on their own, sprinkled with salt; chopped up into salads dressed with a fruity cider vinegar and peppery olive oil; or stir fried Thai style for an outside-the-box treat.

Though cucumbers are a favoured mainstream vegetable, beneath a façade of propriety lies a secret that is as complex as it is intriguing: a varied sex life worthy of the best racy novels. For more details click here!

Cucumber female flower Cucumber male flower

Cucumbers have separate female (left) and male (right) flowers.


Lettuce trials

We at Sea Spring Seeds love lettuces – they are one of our favourite vegetables for both growing and eating. Not only are they are easy to grow, but their subtle flavour and crisp texture make them the ideal backbone of any mixed salads.

Since 2008, when Sea Spring Seeds started, we have trialled dozens of lettuces in order to find those best suited to our catalogue. Though we now sell eight very good varieties, we are always trying to improve and expand the range. To this end, we conduct trials every year in which we grow several different varieties and evaluate their performance and flavour to find varieties that we feel meet Sea Spring Seeds’ standards.

To find out what we look for in our trials click here.

Michael evaluation the lettuce trial harvesting the mature lettuce for taste tests

Michael evaluating the lettuce trial (left); harvesting the mature lettuces for taste tests.


Chilli courses

If you are interested in learning more about cooking and growing chilli peppers don't forget that this summer we are offering an extended range of chilli-related courses:


Why not buy a chilli plant through the post?

After the early season of our plug plants, we are now posting larger chilli plants in 1 litre pots. The plants are firmly secured in robust plastic packaging that protects the delicated branches from the rigours of the postal service. Buy one for yourself, or even better, have one sent to a freind – we can include a card with a greeting from you.  To order go to www.seaspringplants.co.uk.

Chilli plant in packaging ready for posting Chilli plant in packging for posting.
Chilli plants are sent out in packaging specifically designed for the rigours of the postal service.

Chilli t-shirs

We are also now offering chilli t-shirts that would make the ideal present for any chilli-head friend. To see more detials click here.


 Chilli t-shirts

Oscar and Molly modelling our chilli t-shirts: "I ate a Dorset Naga and survived" (left) and "Blast off" and "I love chillies" (right).



Good gardening and best wishes,

Michael and Joy Michaud




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