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Heaviest tomato competition


Can YOU grow the heaviest tomato?

 Every year Sea Spring Seeds runs a growing competition for vegetable gardeners.

This year (2016) we want to see who can grow the heaviest tomato.

To enter simply put your prize winning tomato on digital kitchen scales that measure to the nearest gram. Take a photo of it and send the photo to us by email or by post, with the tomato’s weight, the variety name and your name and and contact details. The winner will received a £20 voucher to be spent on our website to buy seeds.


Heaviest tomato: this one weighed 1.72kg

A tomato fruit weighing 1.72 kilos. We grew this in 2015, as part of the seed crop.
The variety is Ovi's Romanian Giant.


The rules are simple

1. Anyone can enter, but the person entering the competition must have grown the tomato plant.

2. The tomato fruit can be picked at any stage of ripeness.

3. The tomato fruit can have its calyx on, but the stalk must not be any longer than 3cm.

4. You can enter as often as you like, but each follow up entry must be with a tomato that is heavier than the previous entry.

5. Deadline: 15th October 2016. For more details about the competition visit our website: www.seaspringseeds.co.uk


How to enter the competition

Take a photo of your potential winning fruit. To take the photo place the tomato fruit on digital kitchen scales that weigh to the nearest gram. There must be nothing touching the tomato and scales. The whole fruit and the scale’s display must be visible in the photo.

Send the photo of your potential winning fruit to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please title the email with “Heaviest Tomato compeition”.

While any tomato variety can be used for the competition we recommend Ovi’s Romanian Giant. Last year the majority of the fruit we picked from our crop of Ovi’s Romanian Giant tomatoes weighed over 1 kilo, but one fruit came in at 1.72 kilos. Seed of Ovi’s Romanian Giant can be bought from our website (click here).


The prize is a £20 voucher to be used on our website. If there is a tie, then it will be £20 to each gardener.

We will be growing a few plants of Ovi's Romanian Giant ourselves, and will attempt to get record breaking fruit. If anyone beats our attempt the prize will be doubled to £40 voucher!

Second heaviest tomato will earn a £10 voucher.

Not massive prizes, but something any gardener will enjoy using. And we really believe it is all in the fun of competing!


Images of our 2015 seed crop of Ovi's Romanian Giant

prudens purple  Nearly every fruit of Ovi's Romanian Giant are over 1 kilo 

A high majority of the fruit weighed over a kilo

ovis4 web6

Our 2015 seed crop of Ovi's Romanian Giant tomatoes