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Ovi’s Romanian Giant tomato

Ovi's Romanian Giant tomatoes

The tomato variety called Ovi’s Romanian Giant produces many, very large, good tasting tomatoes.

Several years ago, a handful of tomato seeds wrapped up in tissue paper came into our possession. It seemed like a good idea to give them a try, and after we grew out the seed and made some plant selections, we ended up with a variety we felt was good enough to offer our customers. We called the variety “Ovi’s Romanian Giant“; we produced seed last year and added it for sale in our 2016 catalogue.


Ovi's Romanian Giant tomato

Our 2015 seed crop of Ovi’s Romanian Giant heritage tomato.

Two tomato fruit of Ovi's Romanian Giant heritage variety

The fruit of Ovi’s Romanian Giant tomato regularly weigh over 1 kilo.


In order to raise the profile of our new variety, Joy asked me to write a press release that she can send to gardening journalists. I haven’t a clue what a press release should include, and if Sea Spring Seeds were a large company, we would probably have hired a marketing company to do one for us. Alas, this isn’t the case, and my DIY version – which follows – will have to do:

Ovi’s Romanian Giant tomato

Is this the biggest tomato in the world? While we’re unsure about that, we do know that it lives up to its name. The original seed were given to us by our friend, Ovi Rominger, who brought them back from Romania. And it is certainly a giant: the fruit regularly weigh over 1kg, and in one instance a fruit reached 1.72kg. That’s big!


Ovi's Romanian Giant tomato

This specimen Ovi’s Romanian Giant tomato weighed 1.72 kilos.


The prize-winning size is exceeded only by the eating quality of the fruit. The texture is smooth and juicy, with very few seed. For such a large tomato, the flavour isn’t at all insipid or dull. To the contrary, it is a memorably old-fashioned with a nice touch of sweetness.

The small print

Ovi’s is open pollinated and probably an old, heritage Romanian variety. It is a red beefsteak tomato with multi-locular fruit: the numerous small seed cavities are located around the circumference, leaving a large fleshy centre. The fruit sometime suffer from catfacing, but this a common ailment in large-fruited heritage varieties. Though eating quality can be very good, harvests must not be delayed since the fruit quickly go soft once they ripen. The plants are indeterminate, and are easily-managed and well-suited to growing inside an unheated greenhouse or tunnel.

Ovi's Romanian Giant tomatoes with cat facing

Cat facing on some fruit of Ovi’s Romanian Giant.

Competition – Who can grow the heaviest tomato?

Every year we hold a competition to test the gardening  prowess of home gardeners. This year, to celebrate the launch of Ovi’s Romanian Giant tomato, we decided the competition would be: “Who can be the heaviest tomato?”. For details about the competition please see our website or click here.

To buy seed of Ovi’s Romanian Giant click here.


The giant rabbit was made to look small by a fruit of Ovi's Romanian Giant tomato

The Ovi’s Romanian Giant tomato made our giant pet rabbit look small.