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Vegetable musings from Sea Spring Seeds

Growing Pea Shoots

In 2013 we added pea shoots to our Sea Spring Seeds catalogue. Because seed are inexpensive, and the crop is both bountiful and easy to grow, we feel that every gardener should give them a try. We’ve been growing pea shoots on and off for about a year and have
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Lettuce are one of my desert island vegetables

If I had to make a list of desert island vegetables, lettuces would certainly be included. Not only are they the backbone of mixed salads, but they also add the crunch that is an essential part of any successful sandwich. A culinary world – let alone a desert island –
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Summer Squashes

  Taking a reductivist point of view, summer squashes are limited to edible varieties of Cucurbita pepo. The fruit are harvested young and tender, before the seeds grow hard and the skin becomes tough, and the entire fruit – skin, flesh and centre pulp – is eaten. Though they are
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Vegetable variety trials for 2012

March is almost here, and I am just finishing the plans for the 2012 trials. There are still some gaps in our catalogue, and to offer a comprehensive range of vegetables, we are going to make a big push this growing season and grow out a ginormous number of new
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