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Choosing a chilli variety

Chillies are a New World crop grown mainly for their hot edible fruit. They are related to sweet peppers and, botanically, include the five domesticated species of the genus Capsicum:  Capsicum annuum. The most common of the domesticated species; includes sweet peppers and a majority of the garden-grown chillies. C.
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Pepper Pot-Pourri: Ancho/Poblano chillies

The Pepper Pot-Pourri will be a regular feature of ‘Mr VegHead Says’. Its purpose is to describe the different types of peppers, helping gardeners and cooks to choose those which best suit their needs. With thousands of peppers in existence, it can be a daunting task to source the most
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Chilli Seed Provenance

Chilli Seed Provenance My friend, young Chris, gave me some chilli seeds in the beginning months of 2011. He said that they came from one of his friends, though I am not sure where the friend bought them. In all, Chris sent me three envelopes, one of which was marked
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