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The shapes and sizes of tomato fruit

. . All in the fruit Along with fruit colour and plant growth habit, the shape and size of tomato fruit are defining features that distinguish one variety from another. Shape depends on the appearance of the fruit from their side, in a silhouette fashion, and assigning a specific shape
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Tomato growth habit

In the last posting, I reviewed some of the characteristics that should be considered when selecting tomato varieties. Continuing in that vein, up next is plant growth habit. Tomato growth habit refers to the height and spread a plant reaches while it’s growing. It is a defining trait of tomatoes
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Tomatoes: hybrids, OPs and heirlooms

Originating in South America, tomatoes have spread from their ancestral home to become one of the most popular vegetables in the world. They are delicious and versatile enough to have wrangled their way into everyday life ­– just think of pizza, a full English breakfast, and a BLT sandwich. The
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