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Vegetable musings from Sea Spring Seeds

Growing Lemon Grass

Every year, without fail, Sea Spring Seeds gets a few requests for lemon grass seed. Though seed is sold by other companies, we do not, and probably never will, sell it in our catalogue.     Lemon Grass: two types The reason is simple – lemon grass comes in two
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Bangladeshi vegetables

British Bangladeshis have a virtual monopoly on the Indian restaurant trade, and as such, are one of the most dispersed ethnic groups in the UK. And because of the central role they play in food catering, it can be said that  seldom has such a relatively small group of people
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Growing Thai vegetables

  For well over ten years, I have been on a voyage of exploration, looking for the vegetables and herbs found in immigrant allotments and shops. My original intention was simply to describe and photograph my more exotic discoveries, but  – almost inadvertently – I found myself building up a
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