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Vegetable musings from Sea Spring Seeds

Heating up Bridport

Bridport is a great little town, and I feel privileged to be living so close to it. Most of my shopping is done there, and if you’re hooked on chillies like I am, it is a surprisingly good place to satisfy your needs. Chillies off the street Take, for example,
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Bolting observations in Oriental salads trial

Bolting is the endgame For gardeners cultivating leafy greens, bolting is a catastrophic event that signals the end of leaf production and the beginning of reproductive growth. It is a gradual process that proceeds in stages, beginning with the elongation of the bases of the plants. Eventually a stem emerges
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Vegetables and the ‘basic tastes’

At first glance, the act of eating is a very simple process: put food in your mouth, chew it into small bits, and then swallow so that the mouthful passes down into your stomach. There must be, however, more to eating than this. Otherwise, how can we account for the
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A Splash of colour in vegetables

Though I usually choose the fruit and vegetable varieties I grow for their yield and flavour, colour is gradually becoming a more important consideration. This shift in attitude is due in part to aesthetics as I start to appreciate the role that colour plays in the enjoyment of food. It
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Tooling Up for the New Year

With the new year upon us now is the time to make a resolution and buy some equipment that will make your vegetable growing easier. And by equipment I don’t mean spades, rakes and hoes – too boring. Instead, I’m referring to kit that comes from thinking outside of the
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Growing cucumbers outdoors

    Outdoor cucumber trial at Sea Spring Seeds For years, I’ve been on a quest to find outdoor cucumbers that are productive and produce tasty fruit that are good for eating fresh, both out-of-hand and in salads. Sea Spring Seeds  currently only sells one outdoor cucumber. This is  Marketmore
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Growing legumes, Rhizobia and Nitrogen Fixation

Something for nothing Of all the vegetables growing in my garden, an increasing amount of space is being taken over by legumes. They provide a year-round feast that ranges from the delicate sweetness of spring and early summer peas to the earthy-flavoured French beans of mid-summer and autumn, followed by
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