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What about cucamelon?

  What about cucamelon? There are some vegetables that set low standards for themselves, and cucamelon is certainly one of them. This strange, New World immigrant is grown for its fruit and goes under different names: mouse melon, Mexican gherkin and, if you’re a botanist, Melothria scabra. It seems to
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Using polytunnels and greenhouses

Polytunnels and greenhouses are large, walk-in structures that extend the harvest period of vegetables. They trap the warmth and are ideal for growing heat-loving vegetables in the summer and cold-tolerant ones over the winter. Given their protective nature and potential for boosting yields virtually all year long, owning one will
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Winter Content

Regrettably, the surfeit of summer vegetables generously supplied by our gardens has almost come to an end. We will soon be shifting into winter mode, and the more ambitious and energetic among us have probably frozen and bottled some of the summer produce to see us through the year. Though
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The shapes and sizes of tomato fruit

. . All in the fruit Along with fruit colour and plant growth habit, the shape and size of tomato fruit are defining features that distinguish one variety from another. Shape depends on the appearance of the fruit from their side, in a silhouette fashion, and assigning a specific shape
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Growing Lemon Grass

Every year, without fail, Sea Spring Seeds gets a few requests for lemon grass seed. Though seed is sold by other companies, we do not, and probably never will, sell it in our catalogue.     Lemon Grass: two types The reason is simple – lemon grass comes in two
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Tomato growth habit

In the last posting, I reviewed some of the characteristics that should be considered when selecting tomato varieties. Continuing in that vein, up next is plant growth habit. Tomato growth habit refers to the height and spread a plant reaches while it’s growing. It is a defining trait of tomatoes
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Tomatoes: hybrids, OPs and heirlooms

Originating in South America, tomatoes have spread from their ancestral home to become one of the most popular vegetables in the world. They are delicious and versatile enough to have wrangled their way into everyday life ­– just think of pizza, a full English breakfast, and a BLT sandwich. The
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Getting seed germination right

Getting the right start Seeds are living organisms that produce the next generation of plants. They are the starting point of gardening, and given the right conditions, good quality seeds germinate into seedlings that become healthy and health-giving vegetables. The germination process A seed contains both an embryonic plant and
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Growing Pea Shoots

In 2013 we added pea shoots to our Sea Spring Seeds catalogue. Because seed are inexpensive, and the crop is both bountiful and easy to grow, we feel that every gardener should give them a try. We’ve been growing pea shoots on and off for about a year and have
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