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About Sea Spring Seeds

 The view at Sea Spring Farm with chillies growing in the tunnels

Tunnels at Sea Spring Farm and in the distance a view of Lyme Bay in West Dorset

Sea Spring Seeds is a vegetable seed company. It is owned and managed by us, Michael and Joy Michaud, and based at Sea Spring Farm, a specialist nursery overlooking the English Channel in West Dorset.

Sea Spring Seeds is run along side our other enterprise, Sea Spring Plants, selling chilli plug plants in the spring (orders accepted from October to May) and mature, fruiting chilli plants from June to September.

After working for in agriculture and horticulture for several decades, we started our own business in 1989, first growing vegetables and herbs for local shops and restaurants. We gradually became interested in chillies, eventually establishing Peppers by Post, Britain's first company growing and selling fresh chillies through the post.

We then began hunting for new chillies in immigrant shops and allotments, where we found naga morich, a Bangladeshi landrace from which we developed the Dorset Naga, one of the hottest chillies in the world.

Sweet pepper trial

Sweet pepper trial at Sea Spring Seeds.

Sea Spring Seeds was started to satisfy our love for growing and eating high quality vegetables. Being growers ourselves, we sell only those varieties that reach the high standards we have set for flavour and productivity. In our search for the best we have grown and tasted hundreds of varieties – and eliminated many that were downright bad or depressingly mediocre. But there are always a few that stand out as being exceptional, and these are the ones we offer in our catalog.

lettuc seedlings for a growing trial   Harvesting the lettuce trial 

Sea Spring Seed lettuce variety trials: seedlings ready for planting out; harvesting the mature heads.

Sea Spring Seeds is a work in progress, and we are continuously working to expand our range of varieties on offer. The process is slow and steady, and every year we conduct more trials, looking at a wide range of vegetables including some on tomatoes, peppers and leafy salads. But we will always remained loyal to chillies, and will always be working on our breeding programme to produce more exciting and unique varieties to follow on from Dorset Naga.

Every year we have "drop in" days in August, so if you would like to see the trials come along on one of those days, and take a self-guided tour. Please follow the links for details about visiting the nursery and other shows we attend every year.


Row of 8 x 12 ft greenhouses at Sea Spring Farm with chillies growing Tunnels at Sea Spring Farm with chillies growing

Chillies growing in greenhouses and tunnels at Sea Spring Farm.