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Only seed of the best varieties sold

-- Chilli seeds of over 60 varieties --
(many unique to Sea Spring Seeds – including the Dorset Naga

-- Seed of a fantastic selection of the best tasting tomatoes  --

-- Great range of salad crops, from cucumbers to lettuce seed --


May is the time to sow your cucumbers, sweet corn and squashes. Also peas, beans, lettuces, beetroot and many more can be sown now.

Many winter crops – swedes, leeks, cabbages, etc. – are sown the previous summer. So start planning now, buy your seed!

An assortment of vegetables grown from Sea Spring Seeds' seeds

Want to grow chillies and sweet peppers but forgot to sow any?
No problem – we sell plants for potting on.

Buy your chilli plug plants and sweet peppers here.

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Shows in May:

We'll be selling vegetable seeds and chilli plug plants; if you're there drop by and say hello.

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  • Longest chilli

    Who can grow the longest chilli? For details click here.
    Become a world record holder (Guinness World Records have never had an entry for this so the first person to to have an entry accepted will be a winner!)

  • The Dorset Naga Growing Challenge
    Who can grow the most chillies off one Dorset Naga plant? This is a true test of chilli growers' skill, with a dash of good luck. Can you beat the record of 2,407?
    For details click here.

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