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Only seed of the best varieties sold

-- Chilli seeds of over 60 varieties --
(many unique to Sea Spring Seeds – including the Dorset Naga

-- Seed of a fantastic selection of the best tasting tomatoes  --

-- Great range of salad crops, from cucumbers to lettuce seed --

 Time for your second sowing of dwarf peas and French beans, lettuces, beetroot, turnips and many more. Many winter crops – swedes, leeks and cabbages – need to be sown this summer. So start planning now, buy your seed!

An assortment of vegetables grown from Sea Spring Seeds' seeds

 Shows this summer:

Clapham Common Foodies Festival at Clapham Common, London: 24-26th July
 The Great Dorset Chilli Festival at Wimbourne St Giles, Dorset: 1-2nd August
Drop-in Day at Sea Spring Seeds: 5th August
Chilli Fiesta at West Dean, West Sussex: 7-9th August
Drop-in Day at Sea Spring Seeds: 12th August
Plymouth Flavour Fest at Plymouth, Devon: 14-16th August
Drop-in Day at Sea Spring Seeds: 19th August:
Eastleigh Chilli Fiesta at Eastleigh, Hampshire: 22nd August
 Buckham Fair near Beaminster, Dorset: 23rd August
Drop-in Day at Sea Spring Seeds: 26th August
Melplash Agricultural Show at Bridport, Dorset: 27th August
Whitehall Chilli Festival at Lacock, Wiltshire: 30-31st August

We'll be selling vegetable seeds and chilli plants; if you're there drop by and say hello.

For more information on the shows we're attending click here

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  • Longest chilli

    Who can grow the longest chilli? For details click here.
    Become a world record holder (Guinness World Records have never had an entry for this so the first person to to have an entry accepted will be a winner!)

  • The Dorset Naga Growing Challenge
    Who can grow the most chillies off one Dorset Naga plant? This is a true test of chilli growers' skill, with a dash of good luck. Can you beat the record of 2,407?
    For details click here.

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